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Freightsy® aims to be the only solution for your business transportation needs with a customizable approach, flexible & high-quality service, experience, efficiency, and competitive prices.

On-time and Secure
trucking solutions

Let our dedicated ground freight services to get your goods from point A to point B efficiently and affordably. Freightsy® brings the experience and security you need to start, grow and achieve your business goals. Our detailed white glove service ensures your goods are handled with highest level of attention and care.

Timeliness and Reliability

Speed, reliability, and efficiency are our core values. Our experienced team ensures your freight is delivered to its destination on time every time.

Flexible Pricing Model

Our services come with fully customized pricing to fit your needs. At Freightsy®, we belive in transparency with our hidden fee-free pricing model to take the guesswork out of hidden transpotation costs.

Personalized Service

Our experienced team is ready to give you one-on-one support. We offer third-party logistics services to meet your needs.

White Glove Service

Our services are handled with extra emphasis on attention and care. Relax while our qualified team of professionals safely, efficiently, and carefully protects and delivers your freight.


For any transportation challenge you have, we have the solution.

At Freightsy® we know the importance of reliability in a trucking solution company. Imagine never having to worry about another late, damaged, or undelivered freight again. We built our services from the ground up with that in mind analyzing every single detail, so that we can focus on doing the heavy lifting while you focus on your business.

We offer transportation services and an adaptable infrastructure focusing on speed, reliability, and efficiency. Our reliable services are backed by over 30 years of moving freight. Relax, while we handle all of the details for you.


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